MultiPrinter 780 / 785 / 787

*** Discontinued as of 12/31/12. Ribbons and
Parts will still be available. ***

Can print anywhere on a document except center of page.

The Multi-purpose...

The REINER MultiPrinter family 780/785/787 proves its worth daily with many administration tasks. The MultiPrinter family lets you select from five flexible imprint combinations: Date, Number, Date+ Number, Date+Time and Date+Time+Number with or without pre-text!


  • Numbering with repetition 0x to 99x, forward- and backward counting
  • Fully automatic dater, automatic daylight savings time
  • 35 memorized common print options to choose from
  • Security features: With ChipCard and password protection
  • Pre-texts in 17 European languages
  • Adjustable throat and side guages
MultiPrinter 780
One line imprint, no ChipCard.
  • Simple adjustment by keyboard and LCD-display
  • Possibility of reverse print at bottom of page
MultiPrinter 785
As model 780 but with ChipCard for custom imprints.
  • ChipCard for individually created imprint and
    second print line with your own text and operator‘s
    identification, locks device
  • Serial interface for PC or REINER Controller Unit
  • Radio controlled clock, signal receiving depends on
    distance to transmitter (Frankfurt/M), on environ
    mental conditions where stamp is located, and on
    national standards
MultiPrinter 787

As model 785, with ChipCard and semi automatically
2-lines printing.
  • With semi automatically line feed for fast 2-lines printing


Ribbon cassette for replacement, black or red

  • Nylon, black: EM780RIBBK
  • Nylon, red: EM780RIBRED


  • Special keypad for models 785 and 787
    allows for quick data entry changes

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