jetStamp 790 MSL


jetStamp 790 MSL is a handheld electronic stamp for marking packages of SMD components with their appropriate Moisture Sensitivity Level and their start and expiry dates. Its use ensures complete and error-free checking.

In all of the 8 MSL-allocations the expiry date will be calculated automatically and can be printed in 4 different versions together with the chosen level. The jetStamp 790 MSL guarantees you a complete control and traceability.

The new 790 MSL combines all the advantages of the jetStamp family:

It will print easily, quickly and quietly on all even and uneven surfaces. jetStamp is powered by a rechargeable battery. Just place it over the surface to be stamped and trigger the imprint. The user-friendly display with its easy-to follow menu makes sure that you can mark your component’s Moisture Sensitivity Level Data quickly and accurately.



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