The jetStamp Graphic 970

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The jetStamp graphic 970 is a mobile hand-held ink jet printer that marks documents and or products simply and quickly. In addition to number, date, time and text, this device can also print graphics and barcodes. With the MP ink, it is also possible to print on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic. The 970 is mobile, handy and easy to use and program. It comes complete with its own software and weighs in at just over 1 pound.

  • Thanks to a specific ink it is now possible to print
    on special surfaces like metal and plastic. The ink
    is quick drying and avoids smearing.
  • Prints easily, quickly and quietly on most even and
    uneven surfaces.
    Suitable for automatic applications, e.g. installed
    in production lines.
  • Number, date, time, text and graphics and barcodes,
    also multi-line prints. Print area up to ½” x 2 ½”
  • Up to four different print images can be stored in the 970.
  • Print image can be created simply and quickly at the PC
    and transmitted via USB or Bluetooth
  • Simple and secure marking of documents/products
  • Since the 970 is operated with rechargeable batteries, it
    can be taken to the goods to be marked handily, easily
    and on the go
  • Documents/products can be marked quickly and easily.
  • Your choice of regular ink for paper or cardboard or our
    specially formulated
  • MP ink for marking on non-absorbent surfaces such as
    metal and plastic. The MP ink dries quickly, is smear
    resistant and is great for marking consumer products
    such as food packaging and bottles.

Cartridge ink-jet P3-S-BK

  • black: Order-N° 947100-000

Cartridge ink-jet P3-MP-BK

  • black: Order-N° 947100-100



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