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How to change an ink cartridge?



  • Press down handle A while you.
  • Press projection B on front cover while you.
  • Slowly release handle A upwards until front cover locks stamp.
  • Unpack ink pad carefully.
  • Hold ink pad as you squeeze the two „wings“ E together.
  • Slide ink pad into swing F of stamp until the two „wings“ E.
    Lock into square holes.
  • To release stamp press down handle A.

Movies: change an ink cartridge

Movie: Model S - 6 thru 15 wheels

Movie: Model B6/B600 economy models

Movie: Model D28b

Movie: Model D53


How do I lock a stamp in its parking position?

Press down handle A and while doing this press on rectangular button of
cover B.

The locking mechanism is integrated into the cover of the stamp. The cover has a rectangular button integrated. You may lock the stamp in two positions. The lower position is to replace the ink pad or to turn the print wheels. The upper position is to release the pressure from the inkpad while the stamp stands idle e.g. for the night.
Some REINER models feature a metal locking plate sitting inside the outer frame, or some older designs have a locking pin placed at the spring tube below the handle.

How do I unlock a stamp from its parking position?

Press down handle A – stamp is free.
(Press back locking pin – e.g. model TA, K1)

How do I adjust the number or date?

The print wheels of the stamp may be adjusted with the stylo that is enclosed with each new numbering machine. (A pen will do as well). Lock stamp in lower parking position and turn wheels with stylo into desired print position.
REINER date stamps feature a lever mechanism to move the date forward day by day. This lever may also be used to adjust the setting of the wheels. Just press down the lever.

How do I remove preceeding zeros from a printed number?

Most REINER numbering machines feature retractable zeros. Thus a number can be printed without preceeding zeros.
e.g. 000123 → _ _ _123

Lock stamp into lower parking position. Use a stylo or pen. Turn wheels that should not print zero to the zero position. Move wheel slightly back and forth in zero position and press onto the zero. When wheel is twisted into right position it will retract and the zero drops back. This will work for all wheels except the unit wheel. During numbering, wheels will be turned and moved back to their printing function. You may do this manually by turning a wheel to "1".


Mod. B6, B6K and ND6K have no drop wheels. You may remove the zero from printing by turning the wheel "half way" to "1".

Note: Date stamps do not feature wheels that can retract.

How do I set a date?

REINER date stamps in general feature a lever to set the date. Just press the lever to turn the wheels. Alternatively use a stylo and refer to “How do I adjust the number or date"

End of month and change of month:

Advance wheels by lever from last day of the month up to fourty!
When fourty is reached, the month will advance automatically.
Press once again to set day to first of the month.



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